FT5/Z – Amsterdam / St. Paul Islands and a Special Appeal

Amsterdam / St. Paul was added to the list in 1951.

Amsterdam / St. Paul islands are French territories, and like Tromelin, the Mauritians also claim these islands:



And like Tomelin, this entity is long overdue for an activation – the last activation was in 1998 – and there were three – FT5ZH, FT5ZI and FT5ZJ.

This entity is #6 in the DX Publications Most Wanted List, and #7 on the Clublog list.

F5NOD  - who was president of “The Lyon DX Gang”, has posted the FT5ZH DXpedition video, which is one of the best dxpedition videos I have seen because it shows how the Marion Dufresne travels between French TAAF outposts:


This video highlights the circular trip between Reunion, Crozet, Kerguelin, Amsterdam and St. Paul. It was very interesting to see scientific outposts / research stations on Crozet, Kerguelin and Amsterdam. St. Paul, and Heard Island (not part of this video or loop trip) do not have an outpost as such.

The Marion Dufresne is the same ship that took VK0IR to Heard Island in 1997, and I am working closely with Dr. Bob Schmieder, KK6EK on the Clipperton 2103 and Heard Island 2014 DXpeditions. After watching this video, its a (not so) secret dream of mine to go to Heard Island!


I am very impressed by the fact that they must use a helicopter to get people and matériel on and off most of these islands. Here is the Institut Polaire website that has even more details on the Marion Dufresne and its circular trip:


Mehdi and Eric made a superb effort from Amsterdam with 32,000 Q’s in the log in just 2 weeks.

Here is a list of known DXpeditions to FT5/Z:

Chuck, NI0C, reports that FB8ZZ was stationed on Amsterdam for some time. Here is a QSL card from the 50′s:

1987 – FT8ZA

1988 – FT5ZB, FT0ZB, FT3ZC

1989 – FT4ZE

1989 – FT89ZE – Special Bicentennial call

1994 – FT5ZF

1997 – FT5ZG

1998 – FT5ZH, FT5ZJ, FT5ZI


I am very sure that the 2104 Heard Island DXpedition will be the most expensive DXpedition ever. The trip will be made by hams who will fly to Reunion and then board the MV Marion Dufresne, and the time away from work and home for the travelers will be up to 6 weeks.

The 2013 Clipperton DXpedition is linked with Heard Island, and they are a “package deal”. Dr. Bob Schmieder has included an extensive array of scientific and “adventure” aspects of these dxpeditions for a number of reasons – “cost sharing” being one. But these dxpeditions are still very expensive.

If you need these entities, please consider donating generously:


To read more, please visit these web sites:



The plans will be updated and will include some new novel ways of “cost sharing” for such expensive trips.

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4 responses to “FT5/Z – Amsterdam / St. Paul Islands and a Special Appeal

  1. Long before there were expeditions to Amsterdam, there were (or was) a ham (or hams) stationed there operating as FB8ZZ. I recall hearing them on 20 meters CW during the early 1960′s. I didn’t work this entity until the FT5ZH expedition, though!

  2. I worked FB8ZD on 4 March 1983 on 14 mhz CW at 0339z. Exchanged 599 both ways. I am looking for a QSL route for 29 years now. Any help would be appreciated. My call was KA4AVO.

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