Special April 1 Edition – 4 New DXCC Entities – Maybe 5!


I heard a rumor that the disputed Scarborough Reef was going to become 4 new entities – one rock for China, one for Vietnam, one for Korea and one for the Philippines. They would be called:

BS7C – China Rock

BS7V – Vietnam Rock

BS7K – Korea Rock

and BS7P – Philippines Rock

Each will have a special umbrella made – to look like the flag of that country.

The biggest rock will have a big “X” drawn on it and all 4 countries can operate on it simultaneously – but it isn’t a separate entity. Its call will be:

BS7FFA – meaning “Free For All”, and here is what its flag will look like:


Scarborough Reef will be deleted. Watch this space – a 5th entity could be added to appease Taiwan who feels slighted because they didn’t get a rock. In true International Spirit and cooperation, the United Nations, US F&W and Jamaican Bobsled Team are working together on the case searching for a rock for Taiwan.

The QSL Card Manager will be Roger Beep, P5QRX, with instant uploads via NOQRS and NOTW. . . . .

Good luck in the pileups!

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3 responses to “Special April 1 Edition – 4 New DXCC Entities – Maybe 5!

  1. What a great idea.
    I will have my own Rock-entity, and NEVER let anyone else activate it! That way, no-one will EVER be HR#1 again!

    Luke P5B

    • Great idea. We could even sell rocks like they sell “Have a Star Named After You” here in the States. For the mere pittance of only $157.37 Euros, you get a rock named after you and a nice Laser Printed Certificate! Something you will never forget (nor will we – hi hi) . . .

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