T33 – Banaba Island


Banaba was added to the DXCC Entity List in 1989:


Banaba is an interesting island. It is geographically straddling the equator and is one of the more rare entities in the Pacific. A major DX-pedition will activate Banaba in November, 2013:


T33A will be on air – late November 5th to early November 18th

Here is link describing Banaba:


Banaba has not had many DXCC activations, and it is considered “semi-rare”. When I worked T33C in 2004, Banaba had not been activated for 5 years.  Here is a fun video from the 1990 T33R and T33T DX-pedition:


Here is a chronology of the DX-peditions to Banaba:

1989 – T33JS

1990 – T33R, T33T

1999 – T33VU, T33RD

2004 – T33C (last large scale DX-pedition to Banaba)

2008 – T32ZZ – single op DX-pedition, Toshi, JA8BMK

2013 – November T33A ( http://www.t33a.com )

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2 responses to “T33 – Banaba Island

  1. Hi Rich,
    Unfortunately we could not get to Banaba in 2011, as we had to cancel our trip due to flight dispute between Fiji and Kiribati those time. There was no operation from Banaba using the T33HA callsign in 2011. Could you please update the blog accordingly and as well as my callsign?

    73′ Pista, HA5AO (T33HA)

    • OK – very good Pista – I will correct the blog. Thanks very much for the feedback. I actually meant to correct your call – I think I woke up too early today – hi hi.

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