How to Research the Status of a US F&W Entity (especially KP1)

Its easy to find the status of any of the US F&W entities – or for that matter, any entity in the world – using the magic of Google!

Just Google SUP (Supplemental Use Permit) and your favorite US F&W entity – and you will be able to find its status. Here’s one from 2005 regarding Navassa:

I’ve Googled SUP and other US F&W entities – really interesting stuff! Amateur Radio is mentioned on most of the SUP apps. Of course – the governing office in charge of these entities is who says Yes or No – and with KP1 – cleanup of Unexploded Ordinance seems to be the blocker. It was interesting to see that as long as the ham group applying takes full liability – for things like “there are no suitable docks or access for landing”, that they still granted access to K5D. I know KP1 is even tougher to access – and I mean _really_ tougher.¬†Look for the old rope ladder pictures – and you will see what I mean. After Googling Navassa, click on the images link in Google.

Try the same with other entities – its a lot of fun.

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2 responses to “How to Research the Status of a US F&W Entity (especially KP1)

  1. I was corrected – the UXO’s aren’t the issue on KP1 – apparently its an issue with Haitians on the island and a security risk of some sort. The Haitians still claim KP1 – and since they are still not bak to normal after their earth quake, I imagine the whole situation has little room for any (silly) ham radio activations. BUT – if you are “in the know” – please correct me . . . . . and post here . . . .

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